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  • Teacher Value-Added

    Great Teachers

    Create Great Value

    And test score based measures are useful for identifying such teachers

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    Teacher Value-Added
  • Equality of Opportunity Project

    Equality of Opportunity

    Varies across the United States

    Outcomes for children of low income parents vary a lot across the U.S.

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    Equality of Opportunity Project
  • Retirement Savings Study

    Savings Increase

    with Automatic Contribution

    But subsidies are less effective at increasing total savings

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    Retirement Savings Study
  • Social Security

    How Does Social Security
    Affect Private Saving?

    A study looks at the effect of mandatory social security coverage
    of public employees on their private savings

    Social Security
  • Health Care

    Insurer Competitive Incentives
    and Health Costs

    A study looks at how incentive structures affect insurer competition
    in the Massachusetts subsidized health insurance exchange

    Health Care

About LEAP

The Lab for Economic Applications and Policy facilitates research related to government policy, with the aim of injecting scientific evidence into policy debates. LEAP consists of three components:

  • Funding

    LEAP funds faculty and student research, typically facilitating pilot projects involving field experiments or empirical research that cannot be easily or quickly funded through the NSF or other grant agencies.

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  • Visitors

    A visitor program brings in two leading researchers every semester to visit LEAP and teach short topics courses related to their research.

Visiting Faculty
  • Interactions

    A cluster of offices and lounge on the 2nd floor of Littauer to foster interaction among faculty and students. This space includes visitor offices as well as a rotating office used by economists from Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School.